Long Distance & Routing Solutions

Long Distance and Call Routing Services from ITP in Mississauga

With long distance service from ITP, no distance is ever too great to do business efficiently and economically, all while helping you deliver superior customer service.

Call Recognition Routing
Give your preferred customers top-notch service! ITP’s Call Recognition Routing service will route calls to a service specialist, based on the full 10-digit telephone number of the caller.

Information Service for Toll-Free Calls
Give your customer service specialists the tools they need to better serve your customers with ITP’s Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS). This service allows incoming calls to be routed to one convenient location, while letting your agents know which toll-free line has been dialed in order to provide the appropriate service. When using multiple 1-800 numbers, our DNIS service is perfect for tracking which marketing campaign nets your company the most responses.

Calling Line Identification (CLID)
Have your customers’ profiles ready at the moment they call! ITP’s Calling Line Identification service gives your agents a report of past transactions and other critical information. This not only saves time for your agents and customers, but also makes each customer feel valued and respected.

Stop fraud and misuse of your local and long distance service, by adding TeleManager to your ITP account. To serve the unique needs of each department, fraud and misuse incidence reports can be provided by CD-ROM, disk, magnetic tape, or as a paper copy.

Toll-Free Call Routing Services
With ITP’s Toll-Free Call Routing Services, your customers receive a more responsive and personalized customer service experience. Optimize your resources, while always delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Area Code Routing
To deliver the best in area-specific services, ITP’s Area Code Routing service allows each call to be routed to the nearest call centre. Routing can even be done internally on the department level by assigning region-specific calls to the intended agent or agents.

Exchange Routing
Similar to our Area Code Routing service, our Exchange Routing service allows you to narrow down calls to a specific part of town by using the first 3 digits following the area code. This is perfect for businesses that would like to deliver a more personalized service for rural, suburban, or urban portions of a region or city.

Local Area Administration
Our Local Area Administration service allows you to reroute local calls based on telephone company changes to the NPA-NXX (Numbering Plan Area-Number Central Office).

Time of Day Routing
Extend the hours in which customers can reach you by routing them to open call centres throughout the nation. Vancouver centre not open? Simply route it to the Halifax call centre!

Day of Week Routing
Save operating expenditures on low-volume days, such as weekends and holidays, by consolidating calls to one or two call centres.

Day of the Year Routing
Using our Call Allocator system, your business can route calls on certain days, up to 13 months in advance. This allows you to allocate call volumes by percentage, such as 10% to Vancouver, 30% to Montreal, and 60% to your Toronto branch.

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