International Telephone Products: Essential Services at Affordable Costs

International Telephone Products’ nearly 40 years of technical support services ensures your business communicates effectively – 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Whether you need immediate connectivity assistance, or a little help in programming a phone, ITP’s Technical Assistance Centre quickly delivers the information you require and the answers you need.

24/7 Technical Support and Maintenance
Give your company the peace of mind in knowing your communications infrastructure has the support it needs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. View ITP’s maintenance and system support services.

Globally Local
ITP’s Globally Local service allows your company to link phone numbers from across the world to your main phone number. Whether your customers are in New York, Tokyo, Dubai or Paris, they can place a local call to your company, free-of-charge. For your company, this means better service, no more expensive toll calls, and just one low monthly fixed rate.

ITP/Bell® Rate Comparison
Still paying too much on telephone services through Bell®? Think again. See how much your business can save with this comparison chart:

Basic Business LineFrom $36.00/monthFrom $36.30/month
1-Call DisplayFREE$11/month
2-Call ForwardingFREE$9/month
3-Call WaitingFREE$10/month
4-Line HuntingFREE$3.35/month
5-3-Way CallingFREENot Included
Basic Business Lines with 6
Features Total
ITP Business Lines Savings$50.50/month---
North America Long Distance Rates3.¢/min

no hidden charges

Minutes: 300 (3.3¢/min)

Additional minutes:7¢/min

Labour Rates
No monthly commitment – all service calls are billed at the standard rate for each visit or support phone call.

Technician onsite service call:
(including phone programming)

Phone support (prepaid or credit card):

Category 3 FT6 Telephone cable wiring:

Category 5 FT6 Data cable wiring:

Cat3 & Cat5e FT6 fire rated Voice & Data cable wiring:

Cat 6 FT6 fire rated Data cable wiring:

$150.00 for the 1st hour, and $120/ hour thereafter
Downtown Toronto min. $145.00

$50.00 first 15 minutes, and $5.00/5mins thereafter

$100/cable run, up to 90ft
1st Run $150.00

$100/cable run, up to 90ft
1st Run $150.00

$175/dual cable run, up to 90ft

$165/ cable run, up to 90ft